322 Rosedale Road, Albany is a combined warehouse and office facility owned by PFI and tenanted by Sovereign Homes and Parkland. A re-roofing project was scheduled during December which required removal and upgrading of the roof mounted condenser units.

This would have resulted in a complete lack of air conditioning for a period of 3 weeks, disrupting the business operations of the tenants. Custom Equipment Rentals was asked to provide and install temporary air conditioning equipment to prevent the office spaces from overheating.


A large packaged unit was placed in the warehouse adjacent to the office space to provide the bulk of the cooling requirements. This was located to minimise any impact on the warehouse operations.

Cold air was ducted from the unit, through the wall, and into the false ceiling of the office spaces. Once in the office spaces, ceiling tiles were lifted to allow cold air to circulate where required. Alternatively, ducting could have been run within the ceiling or office space to provide more specific distribution of air.

A number of smaller portable units were located at specific points within the offices where temperature control was considered critical. These included the server rooms and Managing Directors’ offices.

The solution was developed to minimise the costs to the landlord and disruption to the tenants while maintaining the business’s usual operating environment.

Feedback from the tenants was positive. In particular, one tenant commented that the temporary solution had provided more effective cooling than their previous permanent installation.


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Q Construction (Construction Contractor)
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Project Manager
Q Construction (Construction Contractor)
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