As part of the 2010 Louis Vuitton Trophy a 10m x 20m marquee was erected in the Auckland Viaduct Harbour to accommodate the operations of approximately 35 international media personnel.

A key priority for the Louis Vuitton Trophy management team was the presentation of the marquee, and it was installed with a carpeted floor, internal walls, and a high level of fit-out. Given the location, outside temperatures, and number of personnel with electronic equipment, some form of air-conditioning was also a requirement.
The project manager, Network Visuals, contacted Custom Equipment Rentals to provide a solution.


A large packed unit was placed adjacent to the marquee. Cold air was ducted from the unit through the marquee side via a false wall (negating the need for any alterations to the marquee). The interior partition walls were modular and easily adjusted to accommodate the ducting. Cold air was distributed through a ducting system hung from the ceiling.

Due to the requirement for a high level of presentation, the internal ducting was specifically constructed with white materials to blend in with the marquee. Additional grilles were fitted to provide a similar presentation to a permanent installation.

The final solution resulted in positive feedback from the client. They were left satisfied that their presentation and comfort requirements had been met.


Michelle Worth
Operations Manager
Network Visuals Ltd (Project Manager)
(09) 302 5882

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