Cool or heat your spaces to the optimum temperature no matter what your situation. Whether it’s cooling an event tent or keeping technical material at a controlled temperature, we have the rental equipment ready to assist and improve your situation.

our proven process

Your solution starts with us visiting your office or site to identify your heating or cooling challenges.

We use our technical expertise and experience to develop tailored solutions, ensuring we provide the appropriate heat pump or air conditioning unit to fit your specific needs.

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How Will Portable Heating and Air Conditioning Units Help Me?

We take pride in being problem solvers by providing high-quality equipment and expert knowledge. Our extensive involvement with challenging and unusual installations means we have the confidence to help our clients in any situation.


Cool down a server room, plant area, or other electronic devices to prevent equipment damage and failure.


Heat or cool a wedding or event marquee to maintain a comfortable temperature for all guests.

remove moisture

Heat, dry, and dehumidify large areas that have water damage, whether it’s from a small leak or flooding.

industrial process cooling

Use our units for industrial process cooling for situations such as plastics manufacturing or packaging lines.


Use our equipment to dry timber framing or paint during construction projects.

Our Equipment

Our heating and cooling equipment is modern, efficient, and safe. We test and service our commercial heat pumps and air conditioning units after each use to ensure reliability. Our portable units provide up to 3 cubic metres per second of hot or cold air, this means they could heat or cool a room the size of a rugby field. While cooling, the units remove moisture and dehumidify. When heating, the units don’t add moisture or harmful breathable fumes to the air.

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Discover how our cooling, heating, and refrigeration solutions have worked for others.

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